Lupe Alvarez

Owner, Little Loopie Media Social media manager & evaluator previously worked for Facebook and Appen.

About this speaker

Lupe Alvarez is a social media manager and evaluator who has previously worked for Facebook and Appen. With a focus on structured scheduling and posting on Facebook and Instagram, Lupe is dedicated to helping his clients achieve their social media goals. With his experience in creating content that resonates with audiences and analyzing metrics to improve engagement, he firmly believes in collaborating with customers to create a social media strategy that works specifically for them.

Despite being dyslexic, Lupe has never let this hold him back and continues to thrive in his career while living life on the road. Passionate about exploring new destinations and meeting new people, Lupe finds inspiration in his travels and incorporates this into his work. Whether it's exploring national parks or discovering local cuisine, Lupe's love for adventure fuels his creativity and allows him to produce exceptional results for his clients.


What Is A Social Media Manager & What Do They Do?

April 05, 2023, 08:00 PM
Lupe Alvarez